Elkhart Christian Academy is the result of a bold vision of Godly men and women who had a burden for Christian education. In the early 1970’s, the leadership of First Baptist Church of Elkhart desired scriptural truth to be taught to children in an academic setting. Through a series of miraculous events, ECA opened in the fall of 1973 with 100 students.

The steps of this journey have been incredible. In 1972, a Christian businessman was led to give a substantial gift that funded half of the initial project. Unfortunately, when church representatives located the property, the door closed. God had a better plan that involved more than real estate. The owner of a newly selected property was not yet a follower of Christ; however, after much prayer and witnessing between church representatives and himself, this man trusted Christ as his Savior. This important decision being made allowed the negotiations for purchasing the farmland to be completed.

The first building served the high school with sixteen classrooms, offices, and a gym. The elementary wing was located in the church. Over the years, our facilities have grown with our vision. An addition in 1995-96 enabled the elementary grades to move into the current site which also provided an expanded library area, lunchroom, technology labs, and fine arts space.

In 1997-98, a second story with seven high school classrooms as well as an art room were added. Since then, several projects have been finished to further utilize existing space. Today’s campus consists of sixty-two acres, and our 80,000 square foot building presently houses 460+ students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.