Fine Arts at ECA

Aesthetic beauty is near to the heart of God. His creativity is demonstrated repeatedly through the pages of Scripture. The most obvious account is in Genesis. God created the earth and everything in it in six days, after which He saw that it was good. The books of Psalms and Job speak often of the specifics of creation. The animals, the seas, the mountains, the skies, and mankind are all repeated themes in these books of poetry. Since beauty is important to God, we as Christians have a responsibility to pursue it in our lives. For this reason it is important to include the arts in the education of the total person here at ECA.

The fine arts department offers a number of courses and extra-curricular activities that are available for students.  Our high school students can participate in band and choir. We also offer a full range of art classes along with other electives including photography, printmaking, ceramics and theatre arts.

Our high school jazz band has become a crowd favorite at our concerts in the fall, at Christmas, and in the spring.  High school band and choir members also have an opportunity to take a short tour to Shepherd’s Ministries in Wisconsin in March of alternating years.  This opportunity is great for students to use their talents to share God’s love with others.

Our high school band, choir and art students take part in the ACSI music and art festivals in the spring of the year.  This time is an opportunity to come together with students from other Christian schools to share talents and enjoy fellowship.
Other extracurricular activities include the pep band and drama.  The ECA drama department produces a play each year which is open to audition for all high school students.  Auditions take place in December, and the play is performed at the end of February.  The pep band plays at the high school boys’ varsity basketball games, providing lots of energy for the crowd to enjoy.

For more information about the ECA fine arts department, please contact Bret Deardorff.