High School Spiritual Life

And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52). ECA desires that students mature academically, but the core of our desire is that they increase in wisdom so they gain favor with God and man, in that respective order.

In order for students to be in harmony with God and man, they need to have a strong doctrinal underpinning to build solid practices upon. ECA strives to teach students the doctrinal truths of the Bible, as well as guide them to a greater understanding and application of those truths so that they do increase in wisdom and “in favor with God and man”.

Chapels, small groups, and Bible classes are developed with this idea in mind: a proper relationship with God results in the proper relationship with each other.

Chapel and Small Groups
Wednesday is chapel day. Each class is shortened 10 min to allow for time at the end of the day to spend in worship. Some chapels are the traditional style with music and a message presented by guest speakers or sometimes from our own staff.  Our other chapel groups include class chapels, small group chapels and special event chapels. High school class chapels are where each class meets separately and are led by their SLA representatives.

When in small group chapels, students meet in groups of 10-15 students from 9th to 12th grade and are led by selected seniors. Special event chapels are usually combined with middle school, or sometimes the entire school, for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or special presentations (i.e. our seniors return from the Dominican Republic mission trip). Overall, the purpose of chapel is to spend time worshiping God, thanking Him for all He is doing, and our students and staff being challenged to grow in their walk with God.  It is a time during the week we all anticipate.