High School Student Life

Here at ECA we believe that part of cultivating students involves offering opportunities to grow in areas outside of academics. Although students face a challenging academic load, most choose to participate outside of school in order to become a better-rounded individual. All of the following activities are optional and thus require some sort of sacrifice from the students.

National Honor Society

National Honor Society is a prestigious group that has a foundation of student service and leadership. In addition to service, as a group we strive to be examples of Godly men and women by displaying Christ-like attributes in our daily walks with God. We then go into the community and share God’s love with those who need it by serving them. We do several service activities as a group that range anywhere from cleaning up CR 9 to helping pack boxes at Feed the Children. Outside of school, members also do many hours of service of their own accord through various activities and capacities. We don’t serve because we have to, we serve because it is what God has called us to do to further His kingdom for His glory.

Student Leadership Association (S.L.A.)

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Senior Advance

At the beginning of the school year, we take our seniors on a two day retreat to prepare them for their leadership responsibilities, set a vision for the school year, and start preparing for their week long senior mission trip. It is a time for them to connect as a class through activities, games, and worship. It is also a time for the teachers to connect with the students and get to know them in their gifts and struggles. The sessions are focused on setting the vision for what they want to accomplish during their senior year, challenging them with leading the student body, developing small groups, and kicking off the preparation for the work involved with the Dominican Republic mission trip.

Senior Trip

In their senior year, we take the students to the Dominican Republic. The trip is a cross-cultural experience and a capstone to many years of preparation. Starting in elementary school, the students start collecting school supplies we take every year to give to those less fortunate and praying for the ministry the seniors will be doing. In high school, the students start doing fund raisers to help pay their way. By their senior year, the students have prayed for the country, studied their culture in history class, learned the language in Spanish class, and prepared for the VBS in Bible class. While in the D.R. we go into villages, schools, and churches presenting the gospel in settings like VBS. We usually try to include a work project and some time for class bonding and relaxation. It is a highlight for all those who go.

Sophomore Trip

This trip is designed as a stepping stone to a senior cross culture mission trip and exposes the sophomores to a different culture than their norm. We take the 10th graders to Chicago and coordinate with Sunshine Gospel Ministries to educate our students on poverty, homelessness, and various cultural differences of life in the inner-city. The trip is full of educational sessions, experiential learning, and hands-on ministry. We take our students out of their comfort zone and place them in a culture different than they have experienced.  They use hands-on learning experiences to give them a different form of education.  Experiences that spur them on to a passion for ministry, instilling a heart for different cultures, and broadening their horizons.

Academic Bowls

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