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High School Welcome

Each year freshmen begin the seemingly laborious four-year journey to graduation with abundant resources and high expectations. Not all students have equal resources, whether financial, intellectual, or emotional; however, each one has a wealth of untapped raw talent in need of refining. Refining is seldom pleasant, but usually necessary to produce something of value.

ECA’s high school experience is designed to equip young men and women for the next step in life, wherever that may be. A great deal of learning is needed to be properly equipped for the next step. High school offers opportunities to learn how to struggle through difficult situations without giving up or giving in. High school offers opportunities to accept more responsibility; to begin planning for college; to mature beyond “earning a grade” and learning how to think.

High school at ECA is committed to refining and equipping students to face the next step by offering:

strong academic courses,

biblical integration throughout the content,

age appropriate Bible curriculum,

fine arts,

weekly chapels,

a generous selection of electives, and most importantly,

Godly professionals who teach and care for students each day.

-Sean Bevier

Secondary Principal