Pre-K Spiritual Life

Pre-K Student Life

Our Pre-K program is the perfect place for our youngest students to start learning and growing in faith! Students are taught from the very beginning about God’s love and His perfect plan of salvation through Christ. Students are exposed to daily devotionals, prayer, songs, and verse memorization. They are given an overview of the Bible and its important stories through a curriculum tailor made to their age and development. Our Pre-K students also attend a weekly chapel where they learn how to be a part of corporate worship and learn valuable lessons about Godly character.

The Pre-Kindergarten program provides many activities designed to nurture the whole child. Pre-K students participate in school wide programs such as Grandparent’s Day and chapels. They also participate in a pageant at Christmastime, sharing what they’ve learned about the birth of Jesus. Additionally, they enjoy class celebrations and field trips.