Elementary Spiritual Life

Elementary Student Life

Even the very youngest students are introduced to the truth of God’s word and His absolute love for His people. Beginning in our Pre-Kindergarten program and continuing through 5th grade, students are exposed to daily class devotionals, prayer, Bible memorization, and a weekly chapel time. Students are challenged to find God working in their lives and in the lives of their classmates and families. In the classroom, Bible is taught as a subject, and students are given an overview of the entire Bible by the end of 5th grade. This overview focuses on God’s relationship with His people.  In chapel, which is divided into an upper and lower elementary time, they learn how to corporately worship, and are given age appropriate sermons and activities that are centered on how God wants His people to live. They learn about godly character traits and how to apply God’s word to everyday situations.

The Elementary School provides many activities outside of the academic curriculum that are designed to nurture the whole child. Our Elementary music program puts on concerts throughout the year in which all students participate.

We also have a school wide program for grandparents on Grandparents day, and classes volunteer performing and visiting at nursing homes and Faith Mission. Class celebrations, field trips, and Math Olympics are just a few of the activities offered for our students to explore their natural giftedness in a variety of areas.