Middle School Student Life

Student activities are times when lives touch lives in a deeper way. Students have the opportunity to interact with teachers, students, parents, and their community at large in ways that they are unable to do in a traditional classroom setting. During these times, relationships are forged that lead to a deeper awareness of God and others. These activities are a small snapshot of who we are and not of just what we do.

Servant Leader Program

The mission of the Servant Leader Program is to provide ECA middle school students an opportunity to serve in a variety of areas, and to assist in the development of their leadership potential.

The Principles:

  • Serving Others – Jesus modeled this biblical leadership principle by focusing on others more than Himself.  True leadership is fully realized only when one becomes aware of the needs of others.  Mentoring, discipleship, and evangelism are natural responses when students truly devote their lives to serving others.
  • Educate – The only way to become a leader is by being put in situations that require action and decision making, under the guidance of a mentor.  Whether these situations are big or small, students will be asked to do things that reveal their leadership potential, along with being mentored in how to become a better leader.
  • Excel – The Christian life was never meant to be lived in isolation, nor without making an impact in this world.  All activities the students are in are done in group settings, helping each other and encouraging each other.  In addition, all groups will be led by a mentor who will guide them in making a positive impact in their world.
  • Develop – There will be a few times when we meet as a whole to discuss leadership and character qualities that students must develop if they wish to overcome the obstacles life throws at them.  Additionally, helping develop their critical thinking skills will enable them to be more well-rounded students.

Service Clubs

  1. Recycling – collect and recycle materials used at ECA
  2. Maintenance – assist with light custodial duties to create a better learning environment
  3. Home-Ec – make baked goods and create things for people / organizations as a thanks for their service or for their needs
  4. Sewing – learn crochet, cross-stitch and knitting skills to make things for people
  5. Photography – capture images of middle school events to put up on walls and announcements, and to give to our newspaper
  6. Newspaper – develop a newspaper for the Middle School
  7. Encouragers – meet for a time of prayer for people and their situations, along with notes of encouragement
  8. Chapel Skits – perform and sometimes compose skits for middle school chapels
  9. Public Speaking – help develop the skills needed to become a confident public speaker
  10. Tutoring – assist elementary students with basic math, reading, and spelling skills

Middle School Retreat

Middle school years are a transition point in a child’s life that sometimes get neglected and we want our middle schoolers to be appreciated and to work with them during their transitional adolescent years. The main focus of the retreat is building community and identity. It is important to get the 6th graders welcomed to middle school and build the comradery with other students to form their identity.  The 2-day retreat is full of games, activities, sessions and group team building cooperatives.