If I were going to sum up the question “Why ECA?” in one word it would be partnership.


In our current culture, educational opportunities are abundant. Given so

many options, why would a family choose ECA? There are several reasons

for you to thoughtfully consider.



Schools exist to grow a child’s mind. Expanding a young mind’s capacity

and skill requires more than just a series of lessons. Young minds learn from

environments, activities, and most of all, relationships. The most important

reason to choose ECA is our teachers. We place highly qualified, Christian

teachers in all classrooms to not only deliver content and facilitate lessons,

but model Christian behavior, ethics, and lifestyles. We want all our students

to think well from a biblical perspective, and we believe this can only be

accomplished through teachers who do the same.



Beyond the classroom, all schools have a culture that surrounds students.

It is driven by teachers, families and students. At ECA we seek to have Christ

and His love at the center of our culture. We strive for our school to be a

safe place for each child to develop spiritually as well as academically.

This creates a culture of caring and compassion, as well as needed

standards, structure, and respect. We believe a school culture should be

a physically, mentally, and spiritually safe place to learn and grow, where

parents and pastors are welcomed as a key part of a Christ-centered culture.

We would love to serve as an extension of your home to teach and disciple

your children to love God, love others, and impact the world.

"ECA’s family of teachers, administrators, and coaches prioritize and model Matthew 28:19 as they mentor and disciple our boys to be servant-leaders in and outside of the classroom.  The true, spiritual character of ECA’s family is never more clear than when students volunteer in the community, interact with other school’s sport’s teams, and come alongside families in crisis.
We can’t really express the benefit of Mr. Casaletto listening to Lucas talk about spiritual goals, or the teachers who have emailed to say they are praying for Tony and our family, or Mr. Dregits praying for us with 3 high school students in the Bristol cafe.  Words do not adequately describe what that means to us.”
Tony and Tammy Magaldi