If I were going to sum up the question “Why ECA?” in one word it would be partnership.

 I spent eight years as a youth pastor before becoming the Advancement Director for Elkhart Christian Academy. I loved my time as a youth pastor. It was my privilege to partner with parents in the discipleship of their children. I made the decision to leave a job I loved and join the staff of ECA because I believed ECA provided an even greater opportunity to be part of an organization that, at its very core, exists to partner with families.

ECA does a great job partnering with parents in the discipleship of their children. All of our classes are taught from a biblical worldview by teachers who love God and love their students. Prayer is central at ECA. We unapologetically teach our students that apart from God’s grace we can accomplish nothing. I love the fact that from the time a student enrolls at ECA to the time he/she graduates, we work hard in our Bible classes not only to teach him/her the knowledge of Scripture, but also to be a good steward of the truth that he/she learns. Our goal is to help them move from knowledge to application. We work to provide our students with opportunities to practice applying what they are learning. In the end, we hope the truths that they are taught translate to personal belief structures and convictions.

ECA also does a great job of partnering with parents in the area of academics. I’m proud that the school holds high standards when it comes to the education of our students. We are committed to preparing students not only for life, but for further education. Last year, over 90% of our graduates enrolled in a college or university. In contrast, roughly 68% of Indiana high school graduates and 65% of national high school graduates enrolled in a college or university. In addition, our SAT and ACT scores show a significantly higher performance rate than both state and national scores. The numbers found below are truly a testament to the faithfulness of our teachers. We praise the Lord for them! The final area wherein I believe ECA does a great job partnering with parents is providing our students with a great atmosphere. As a youth pastor, I continually quoted Proverbs 13:20: “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm” (ESV). I have often said, “Show me your closest friends, and I can predict your future.” At Elkhart Christian Academy, we work hard to provide an atmosphere where students are surrounded by other students who love God and desire to serve Him. Our students, faculty and school certainly aren’t perfect. However, I firmly believe that a student who enrolls at Elkhart Christian Academy finds himself/herself surrounded by students, faculty and families who are pulling in the same direction. Thank you for considering Elkhart Christian Academy and allowing us the opportunity to partner with your family.

Jed Long Advancement Director

"ECA’s family of teachers, administrators, and coaches prioritize and model Matthew 28:19 as they mentor and disciple our boys to be servant-leaders in and outside of the classroom.  The true, spiritual character of ECA’s family is never more clear than when students volunteer in the community, interact with other school’s sport’s teams, and come alongside families in crisis.
We can’t really express the benefit of Mr. Casaletto listening to Lucas talk about spiritual goals, or the teachers who have emailed to say they are praying for Tony and our family, or Mr. Dregits praying for us with 3 high school students in the Bristol cafe.  Words do not adequately describe what that means to us.”
Tony and Tammy Magaldi